Meta Park PassTM

Part of the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, the Meta Park Pass is the W3C verifiable credential designed for interoperability. The Meta Park Pass contains a verified phone number with country code and an AI reviewed self-attested age and can be expanded to include other unique credentials.

Users will be able to login into multiple supported Metaverses with little friction and the platform knows they are a real and unique user.

Additional credentials can grant access as each Metaverse matures and provides additional services and experiences.

Interoperability allows the holder of digital identity to use the same credentials at different website logins, Metaverses, and other destinations.

Have full control of your Digital ID - Show the Digital World Who You Are®

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. focuses on the verification, management and monetization of Self Sovereign Identity, empowering users to control and benefit from the use of their online identity.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, is a verified Self Sovereign Identity platform that empowers users to create high quality digital icons representing their online personas. These icons will allow users to manage and control their digital identity and Verifiable Access and Identity Credentials, and to use Liquid Avatars to share public and permission based private data when they want and with whom they want.

Additional credentials can grant access as each Metaverse matures and provides additional services and experiences.

Create your online identity now and always have your digital information handy.


Liquid Avatar Mobile App

Open your Liquid Avatar account today!

Registering for your account is easy and secure - simply enter your phone number, location and accept the policies.

Create your Metaverse Park Pass while registering! This pass will be used to enter Lost Kingdom of T’Sara, Aftermath Islands and other Metaverses as they become available.

You have the option to create your avatar at registration or after. As well, you can create additional avatars or purchase them on the Liquid Avatar Marketplace.

Your account remains secure with your unique biometric password. You no longer have to remember multiple passwords. One user = One account

Verification (Biometric / Age)

Liquid Avatar Mobile App


Your password is your biometrics! Log back in each time with your face.
One user = One account

Smart Age:

Share only the information needed to prove your age. The Smart Age program is available at participating point of sale partners.


Liquid Avatar Mobile App

Store your credentials in your Liquid Avatar Mobile App!

You can pin your credentials on the home screen.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App allows users to manage, control and benefit from the permission-based use of their digital identity.

Using these credentials, online platforms and Web3 integrations can make business decisions based on the assurance that users are “real people”, potentially increasing safety, privacy and reducing fraud.

Users can use credentials to provide things such as age, geography, conditions and accomplishments. Users can also use them to get access to things such as events, buildings, resturants and more.

Business can use credentials to verify real users. With a high assurance level with biometrics, they can verify one account per user.

Set Up New Verifiable Credentials

Issuing credentials is easy. A verified email credential is 4 steps

How to Use

Meta Park PassTM

While completing your onboarding for your Liquid Avatar account, a user can provide a self attested birth date to recieve a Meta Park Pass. The Meta Park Pass is expected to launch mid to late September 2022.

Your Meta Park Pass is built to provide anonymous verification. Secured wiht the user's biometrics, a verified mobile phone number and a self attested age that is AI analyzed.

A verifier, like a business, online platform, Metaverse or other website can confirm this credential with the knowledge that even an anonymous user is a “real person” and can make their own business assessment as required. For further verification, the Liquid Avatar Mobile App supports full bank-grade verification, or KYC ensuring further identity verification.

A Sample Meta Park Pass Journey

Meta Park PassTM

Using the Meta Park Pass is easy. By scanning QR code or clicking on a link the user is prompted to follow instructions and verify their digital identity.

Same device login – if you are browsing with your wallet device, clck the URL under the QR code to provide a credential

Third party – if you are connecting with a third party, scan the QR code within your Mobile App

Continue your Meta Park Pass Journey

Meta Park PassTM

This sample use of the Meta Park Pass shows users how easy it is to sign up or login to a web site, metaverse, or other platform requiring verifiable credentials.

Lost Kingdom of T’Sara

Coming Soon - Play Lost Kingdom of T’Sara!

Lost Kingdom of T’Sara is a free play to earn resource gathering adventure game allowing users to collect NFTs that can be used inside the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

Players can, by using Explorers and minions, gather and process various resources on different islands and grow their empire.

Click the Lost Kingdom of T’Sara button in the Mobile App or visit the website to play!